Head Office: London, Richmond

The suburb of Richmond-upon-Thames is less than 20 minutes from central London. It has an AB socio-demographic profile but still offers excellent access to a cross spectrum of respondents.

The venue itself is within 30 metres of the main shopping street and major stores. The hall test facility is made up of 2 spacious ground floor rooms equipped with broadband, laptops, shelving and printers. Additional rooms on the first floor are available for client meetings.



Manchester has the largest shopping district in the North West of the UK and is a multi-cultural city containing a diverse cross-section of the population, making it ideal for market research. Our hall facility is in the heart of the main shopping area.

The facility includes 2 large rooms which can be used to run a multitude of studies being equipped with broadband, PCs, shelving and printers as well as kitchen facilities. Ideal for food tasting tests.


London, Bexleyheath

Bexleyheath is a significant retail district of southeast London only 30 minutes by train from central London. Our venue is in the middle of the pedestrianised shopping area, directly opposite the entrance to the town’s major indoor shopping centre.

The facility offers 4 large rooms with a total floorspace of over 150 sq metres, making it ideal for large-scale studies. Each room is equipped with broadband, and PCs, shelving and printers are available.


London, Sutton

Sutton is the main town in the London Borough of Sutton in South West London. The majority of the town’s 40,000 population fall into the ABC1 social group.

The venue is situated near the High Street and the busy St Nicholas Shopping Centre. It has an interview room, shopping room and eye-tracking facility.



Nottingham is the UK’s ninth largest urban area. Our venue is in the heart of the retail district in a pedestrianised zone on Clumber Street, thought to be one of the busiest retail streets in the UK outside London. The facility offers three excellent sized rooms and a small kitchen area. It is equipped with broadband and PCs/Laptops.