We love variety, working across various sectors including FMCG, Health & Beauty, Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, Media/Gaming. The team love to challenge their growing expertise in new areas too
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Knowledgeable, informed investigations

We go beyond administering fieldwork.  StreetLife pro-actively offer our experience to advise in the planning of research programs and devise solutions that are sector relevant and speak to target respondents in a way that gains their respect

Partnering is consistently proving our expertise. Our sector knowledge helps elicit and understand real insights


  • We are most renowned for our FMCG research. We work with our partners to create scenarios and interviews that elicit the emotions, behaviours and attitudes when consumers interact with existing products, new ideas and need to make shopping related decisions
  • Our work includes conducting U&As, concept testing, pack testing, NPD, product testing, pricing and shopper research
  • Our work is often targeted to one area of the marketing mix but can also be holistic

We do B2B

  • We regularly speak with B2B SME audiences via qualitative and quantitative approaches connecting on site, via telephone or digitally
  • Whether it be consumer facing staff, production employees or senior specialists, the key is to speak to the right people in the right way – so they provide informative and enlightening insights
  • We work with our partners to effectively target their audience and create innovative ways to extract opinions and reasoning 

User Experience (UX)

  • We focus on the product and service experience through the customer’s eye-view - when they are in the moment 
  • We garner quantitative and qualitative responses as people use digital content or in-situ experiences such as high-street retail or entertainment events
  • Our ChatResponse tool enables us to informally survey people digitally, via the personable power of Chat, as they are in the moment of the experience…whether it be existing or prototype digital content
  • Our adaptable approach helps understand interaction, barriers to engagement and routes to compliance/loyal usage


  • We speak with the customers of utility and service companies to ascertain consumer understanding, habits and attitudes towards existing and potential services
  • We interact with respondents as they make decisions or have made their choice or when they are in the moment of the service experience
  • Our ChatResponse tool is developed to enable us to have digital conversations with customers as they browse content or are in the moment of the purchase decision
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