Chat Life

StreetLife provides fieldwork solutions that help you get as close as possible to your consumer, observing in-context behaviour and instigating powerful, real-time conversations

ChatLife uses the unique and powerful medium of Chats to understand the consumer

We use our ChatResponse tool to extract real, in the moment perceptions and causal effects across situations.

  • Reactions to digital content including packaging and advertising.
  • Website browsing and shopping.
  • Gaming.
  • Acquisition, upgrading and retention calls.
  • ChatLife can be part of a survey or a survey in itself

Truly Implicit - Using qualitative discipline with low involvement questioning techniques we can uncover the true perceptions, feelings and sentiment of consumers

Magnitude and Importance

Conducting Chats with quantitative samples we bring an understanding of the  degree and segmentation of opinions

Power of Chat.

Chats are instigated by our ChatResponse tool, following a semi-structured approach. The more personal experience leads to greater engagement and output

Digital Content.

The approach can be used to understand underlying perceptions towards packaging, advertising, webpages etc – either existing or NPD

In the Moment Decisions.

We can intercept shoppers as they naturally browse websites or are in the process of making purchase decisions or enquiring on the suitability of services

Illustrative Case Study 

Chat around an advert

  • Our client wishes to understand the impact of a new 45 second advertising video on a sports website
  • As browsers leave a designated page they are invited to Chat
  • We discuss their awareness and understanding of the advertising including open discussion on likes and dislikes of aspects of the storyboard

Implicit, engaged reactions to brand content

Chat and Brand Experiences 

Chat can be used to gain reactions towards brands, packaging or advertising. By providing stimulus we extract consumer reactions through conversations rather than leading questions.

Chat and Live Content

We can invite consumers to Chat in a semi-structured way as they experience digital sites, either through natural arrival to existing websites or by being pre-invited to prototype content securely hosted on a test site

As the consumer reaches an agreed point of their browsing journey we intercept and engage in investigative conversation.  Cookies can be enabled to establish the consumers' pre and post journey

We can even take control of their browsing and drive them on a pre-determined journey

The approach can be used for online browsing and gaming

Helping Contact Centres

We are working alongside contact centres to help understand consumer motivations as they are in the moment of switching

  • intercepting respondents after they have instigated a sales call/enquiry via Chat
  • interviewing can focus on the reasoning for instigating the call, the fulfilment of the interaction or sentiment. In addition we use the actual sales behaviour to help analyse and classify responses 

We provide the data and insight to help improve acquisition and retention targets and develop strategies for new product/cross-selling initiatives. In collaboration with our partner, Warwick Analytics, we can enhance the intuitive nature of your CRM's

What we'll do

StreetLife builds the ChatLife survey with you

ChatLife is versatile and applicable to quick conversations on brand content through to detailed dialogue involving in-the-moment decisions

We work with you to tailor the right conversations, at the right time, with the right people

We also offer support to help maximise understanding of the data and resulting insights